Capstone Projects List

Topic Name of the student

- Liberalisation and the olive oil industry: the question of virtual water 

published by the Tunisian Observatory of Economy Workingpaper n°1 (23.10.2017)

Sahar Mestour

- The Impact of EU-Twinning project as part of the Association agreement on Tunisia’s strategies of development and Governance – case study in the maritime gouvernance

published by the Tunisian Observatory of Economy Workingpaper n°11 (08.02.2019)

Hijene Bouchnak
- Migration and Mobility in the Context of the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement between Tunisia and the European Union  Sarra ben Khelil
- Intellectual Property Rights and Access to medicine  oumeima Jegham
- Foreign Direct Investment: Between the New Investment Code and the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area Agreement Oumayma Lahmar
- Liberalization, Mass Tourism and Monastir: a story of bad governance Youssef Abdelaziz Balti
- Tunisia’s Invisible Seeds:  A cost of concessions Nada Trigui
- The pharmaceutical industry in Tunisia and its prospects for the DCFTA Mourad Khaled 
- Tunisian Fish Sector Structure, Different Aspects and its Relationship with Deep Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement between a Present and a Future:An Openness or Closure? Oumaima Garrach
- Readiness of the Tunisian insurance sector for DCFTA liberalization Hela Kacem
- Tunisia’s textile and clothing export sector: The current situation and prospects for upgrading Rihen Tagazi