Naceur Khraief

Senior Fellow


Bio: Naceur Khraief is an Assistant Professor at Tunis Business School and Researcher Associate at GREDEG (University of Nice Sophia Antipolis). Khraief’s research interests include Energy Economics, Environmental Economics and Agricultural Economics. He has published refereed articles in the following journals : American Journal Of Agricultural Economics, Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews, Energy, Energy Strategy Reviews, Economie Rurale and Economic Modeling.




Research topics

[1] Energy Economics

[2] Environmental Economics

[3] Agricultural Economics


Recent publications

[1] Eya Jebali, Hédi Essid and Naceur Khraief (2017). “The analysis of energy efficiency of the Mediterranean countries: A two-stage double bootstrap DEA approach”, Available on line in Energy. 14 June 2017.  

[2] Naceur Kheraief , Shahbaz Muhammad and Mallick Hrushikesh (2016). “Estimation of Electricity Demand Function for Algeria: Revisit of Time Series Analysis“, available on line in Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews. 23 November 2016

[3] Naceur Kheraief, Oluwasola E. Omoju and Muhammad Shahbaz (2016). “Are fluctuations in electricity consumption per capita in Sub-Saharan Africa countries transitory or permanent?, Energy Strategy Reviews, Vol. 13-14, pp. 86-96.     

[4] Thierry Pouch et Naceur Kheraief (2016). “Le commerce extérieur  agroalimentaire de l’Inde”, Économie Rurale (Numéro Spécial Mars-Avril, 2016).

[5] Damien Bazin et Naceur Kheraief (2016). “Introduction: Agriculture Indienne:  aspects sociaux induits par les bouleversements agricoles récents“, Économie Rurale (Numéro Spécial Mars- Avril, 2016).