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Name of publication: The Journal of International Trade and Economic Development
Date of publication: February 2016
Type of publication: Pee reviewed journal
Title: Differentiation, labor market and globalization
Authors: Hili A., Lahmandi-Ayed R., Lasram H.
Affiliation of authors: WTO Chair Fellow, Tunis Business School, Unite MASE-ESSAI, ISG-Sousse, Université de Sousse, Tunisia and Laboratoire EPEE, Paris-Saclay University, France; Unité MASE-ESSAI and ESSAI, Université de Carthage, Tunisia; Unite MASE-ESSAI, IHEC, Universite de Carthage, Tunisia and Aix-Marseille University (Aix-Marseille School of Economics), CNRS & EHESS, France
JEL Code: F2, F12, J4, L13
Keywords: Vertical differentiation; labor market; globalization; foreign investment; common labor market; goods’mobility