Abdessalem Abbassi

Senior Fellow


Bio: Abdessalem Abbassi is an associate professor in the Carthage University (Tunisia). He is also an adjunct professor in the Department of Agricultural Economics and consumer studies at Laval University and a member of the Research Center on the Economics of Environment, Food, Transport and Energy(CREATE). He received his Ph.D. from Laval University.


e-mail: abbassi.abdessalem@gmail.com


Research topics

[1] Agri-food trade and domestic policies

[2] Imperfect competition in agri-food markets

[3] International Trade and Industrial Organization


Recent publications

[1] Abdessalem Abbassi & Lota D. Tamini & Ahlem Dakhlaoui, 2015. “Import quota allocation between regions under Cournot competition,” Economic Modelling, volume 51, pages 484–490, December.

[2] Amira Ben Hammamia & Ahlem Dakhlaoui & Abdessalem Abbassi, 2014. “Analysis of the Decomposition of Energy Intensity in Tunisia,” International Journal of Energy Economics and Policy, Econjournals, vol. 4(3), pages 420-426.

[3] Nihed Ben Khlifa , Abdessalem Abbassi & Ahlem Dakhlaoui, 2014. “Decomposing the Effects of Economic Policies and Technological Changes in Tunisia by Double Calibration Approach”, Journal of Business Studies Quaterly, volume 6, Number 1, pages 29-41.

[4] Abdessalem Abbassi & Lota D. Tamini & Jean-Philippe Gervais, 2012. “Do Inventories Have an Impact on Price Transmission? Evidence From the Canadian Chicken Industry,”  Agribusiness, John Wiley & Sons, Ltd., vol. 28(2), pages 173-186, 03.

[5] Abbassi Abdessalem & Gervais Jean-Philippe, 2010. “Evaluating Reforms in Canadian Chicken Marketing Mechanisms Using a Linear-Quadratic Inventory Model,” Journal of Agricultural & Food Industrial Organization, De Gruyter, vol. 8(1), pages 1-24, February.

[6] Abdessalem Abbassi & Olivier Bonroy & Jean-Philippe Gervais, 2008.Dairy Trade Liberalization Impacts in Canada,” Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics, Canadian Agricultural Economics Society, vol. 56(3), pages 313-335, 09.


Work in progress

[1] Abbassi & Ahlem Dakhlaoui & Lota Tamini 2016. “Quantity Formulation vs. Price Formulation and Assessment of the Minimum Price Policy in the Tunisian Dairy Sector”, WCP-TBS workingpapers series 2016.


[2] A. Abbassi & Ahlem Dakhlaoui & Lota D.Tamini 2017. “Risk Aversion and Dynamic Games Between Hydroelectric Operators under Uncertainty, WCP-TBS workingpapers series.