Mehdi Ben Slimane

Senior Fellow

PhD in economics



Research topics

[1] International trade

[2] Macroeconomic approach of food security

[3] Foreign Direct Investment in developing countries




[1] Ben Slimane, M and Baghdadi, L., (2019). How internationalization affects firms’ growth in the MENA region? A quantile regression approachEconomics Bulletin, AccessEcon, Volume 39(2), pages 751-771.

[2] Rizk, R., Ben Slimane, M. (2018). Modelling the relationship between Poverty, Environment and Institutions: A panel data study. Environmental Science and Pollution Research. Volume 25, (31), pp 31459–31473

[3] Ben Slimane, M., Huchet-Bourdon, M., Zitouna, H. (2016). “The role of sectoral FDI in promoting agricultural production and improving food security“. International Economics, Volume 145, pp 50–65.


Work in progress

[1] Ben Slimane, M., Huchet-Bourdon, M., Zitouna, H. (2015). “Are there links between FDI,energy price and food imports dependency in developing countries? Evidence from Panel VAR Model”

[2] Ben Slimane, M., Huchet-Bourdon, M., Zitouna, H. (2017). “FDI and food security in DCs: Does Institutional quality matter?“.


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