Amal Hili

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Assistant professor at ISG Sousse

Assistant researcher at MASE-ESSAI (Tuunisia) and EPEE-Evry University (France)

Phone: +216 23 48 01 88



Research topics

[1] International trade

[2] Monetary incentive mechanisms and labor market

[3] Industrial organization and game theory


Recent publications

[1] Hili, A., Lahmandi-Ayed, R., Lasram, H. (2015). “Vertical differentiation and labor market: the differentiation principle revisited”. Economics Bulletin 35 Issue I

[2] Hili, A., Laussel, D., Van Long, N. (2013). “Large Shareholders, Monitoring, and Ownership Dynamics: Toward Pure Managerial Firms?”. Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control 37, 666–679


Work in progress

[1] Hili, A., Lahmandi-Ayed, R., Diaye M.A. “Employee ownership, does firm’s size matter”.

[2] Hili, A., Lahmandi-Ayed, R., El Ferktaji, R. “Profit Sharing in Unionized firms”.

[3] Hili, A., Laussel D. “Employee ownership versus piece work remuneration, is there a difference in terms of incentives to effort?”.

[4] Hili, A., Lahmandi-Ayed, R., Lasram, H. “Differentiation, Labor Market and Globalization”.

[5] Hili, A. “Monitoring and efficiency wage versus profit sharing in a revolutionary context”.

[6] Hili, A.,Diaye M.A. “Ecolabels, value chain and vertical differentiation”.



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