Nizar Jouini

Nizar Jouini

Assistant Professor, International Economics, FSEG Nabeul

e-mail: njouini2001 «at»


Research topics

[1] International trade

[2] Fiscal policy

[3] Services liberalization



[1] Jouini, N. Oulemane and N. Peridy [2015] «Diversification and sophistication as a lever for the structural transformation of North African economies», forthcoming in Canadian Journal of Development Studies

[2] Jouini and N. Rebei [2014] «The Welfare implications of Servicesliberalization in developing country»Journal of Development Economics, Volume 106, January 2014, Pages 1–14

[3] Jouini [2010] « Les pays du sud de la méditerranée et l’ouverture économique : L’état actuel des choses » April, 2010, in book, Edition « presses universitaires de l’université de Laval » (Canada). ISBN 978-2-7637-8949-1


Working papers

[1] Jouini and N. Rebei [2012] «The Welfare implications of trade Servicesliberalization in developing countries: a DSGE approach», IMF working paper, WP/13/110

[2] Jouini., A. Moummi., A Shimeles [2015] « The Incidence of Social Spending and Taxes in Tunisia » AfDB working paper, IARIW-CAPMAS Conference EGYPT 2015

[3] Jouini, D. Mirza, H.Zitouna [2015] «Impact of open sky agreement ontourism inflow», Working Paper GERCIE, Tours University