Brahim Guizani

Senior Fellow

Assistant Professor of Economics, University of  Jendouba and Associate Lecturer, Tunis Business School



Research topics

[1] Banking Regulation

[2] Monetary Economics

[3] Macroeconomics

[4] International Trade




[1] Guizani, B. (2019) “The Impact of Exchange Rate Shocks on Trade in Times of Uncertainties: Evidence from Three Oil-Importing Countries in MENA“, forthcoming in Statéco, No 113.

[2] Guizani, B. and Watanabe, W. (2016) “The effects of public capital infusions on banks’ risk-shifting to the deposit insurance system in Japan“, Journal of Financial Stability, 26, Pages 15-30,

[3] Guizani, B. (2015) “Japanese Regulation Policy and Credit Crunch: Evidence from the Ultra-Expansionary Monetary Policy Period”, Asian Survey, (July/August) Vol.55, No. 4,pp: 822-843. DOI10.1525/AS.2015.55.4.822

[4] Guizani, B. (2015) “Capital Requirements, Banking Supervision and Lending Behavior: Evidence from Tunisia”, Middle East Development Journal, DOI:10.1080/17938120.2015.1072930


Work in progress

[1] Guizani, B, and Watanabe, W. “Public Capital, the Deposit Insurance and the Risk-Shifting Incentive: Evidence from the Regulatory Responses to the Financial Crisis”

[2] Guizani, B. (2015) “Effectiveness of the monetary policy in economies in democratic transition: Evidence from Tunisia”MPRA Paper 63205, University Library of Munich, Germany