Houda Haffoudhi

Senior Fellow

Assistant Professor, Public Economics, University of economics and management of Nabeul, University of Carthage, Tunisia

e-mail: h_haffoudhi@yahoo.com


Research topics

[1] Public Economics and Public Choice

[2] Game theory

[3] Institutional economics and governance

[4] Environmental policy and international negotiation


Working papers


[1] Bellakhal R., Ben Kheder, S., Haffoudhi H. (2017). “Governance and renewable energy investment in MENA countries: How trade matters?”.

[2] Haffoudhi H., Mehdi R. and Gam A.,Understanding Democratic Transition using Self-Organizing Maps: a Special Focus on Arab Spring Countries; ERF working paper [2015].

[3] Chkoundali, R, Haffoudhi, H and Ben Abdennaji, H.,Institutional Sphere Contribution to Human Development: An Institutional Approach; ERF working paper n° 629 [2011].

[4] Haffoudhi H. & Pratlong F., Should we rule out NGOs from polluting market. Mimeo [2007].

[5] Altamirano Cabrera, J. C.,Weikard, H-P.,Haffoudhi, H.,Influence of Political Pressure Groups on the Stability of International Climate Agreements, NCCR Climate Working Paper n°03 [2007]

[6] Haffoudhi H., The Logic of Two-Level Games with endogenous lobbying: Case of international environmental agreements.Cahiers de la Maison des Sciences Économiques, série jaune n°54 [2005].

[7] Haffoudhi H., Political-support Lobbies responses to international environmentalagreements. Cahiers de la Maison des Sciences Économiques, série jaune n°53 [2005].


Work in progress

[1] Haffoudhi H., Mehdi R.and Gam A., Globalization Matters for Democratic Transition: Kohonen Classification with a Special Focus on Arab Spring Countries. The 9thRabat international conference, WTO Chair[2015].

[2] Haffoudhi H. and Bellakhal R., Globalization and Democracy in the presence of threshold effects; The 9th Rabat international conference, WTO Chair [2015].