Peer-reviewed Journals


Name of publication:  International Economics 

Date of publication: 2015

Type of publication: peer-reviewed journal

Title: The role of sectoral FDI in promoting agricultural production and improving food security

Authors: Ben Slimane, M., Huchet-Bourdon, M., Zitouna, H.

Affiliation of authors: University of Carthage, Agrocampus, Ouest Rennes, UMR SMART 1302

JEL Code : F1; Q1

Keywords: Food security; FDI; Agricultural production; Developing countries


Name of publication: Canadian Journal of Development Studies

Date of publication: 2015

Type of publication: Peer-reviewed publication

Title: Diversification and sophistication as a lever for the structural transformation of North African economies

Authors: Jouini, N. Oulemane N. and N. Peridy 

Affiliation of authors: University of Carthage, UNECA, University of Toulon

JEL Code : F15, F43, O14

Keywords: Export diversification, sophistication, North Africa


Name of publication: World Bank Economic Review

Date of publication: 2015

Type of publication: Peer reviewed Journal

Title: Political connections and tariff evasion: Evidence from Tunisia

Authors: Rijkers B., Baghdadi L., Rabballand G.

Affiliation of authors: World Bank; WTO Chair, Tunis Business School, University of Tunis; World Bank

JEL Code : F13, H26, D73

Keywords: Tariff Evasion, Trade, Corruption, State-Business Relationships, Tunisia, Taxation


Name of publication: Middle East Development Journal 

Date of publication: 2015

Type of publication: Peer reviewed Journal

Title: Capital requirements, banking supervision and lending behavior: evidence from Tunisia*

Authors: Guizani, B.

Affiliation of authors: WTO Chair Fellow, Tunis Business School, Faculty of Law, Economics and Management of Jendouba, University of Jendouba.

JEL Code : C63, D92, G21, G28

Keywords: capital requirements, Basel Accords, dynamic model, banking supervision, nonperforming loans


*This work is an output of WCP-TBS fellows not directly linked or funded by the Chair